Sunday, May 18, 2008

Latin at the Vatican Web Site

The Vatican web site has added a seventh language to its six previous interfaces (German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese): Latin. This just came up on the Latinteach list but according to a Catholic News Service story, the Latin section went on-line on May 9th.

The contents includes documents of the last five popes, the Nova Vulgata translation of the Bible (which is a slightly cleaned-up Clementine Vulgate), the current version of the Code of Canon Law, the documents of Vatican II, and an assortment of curial documents, with a link at that page to information about the Latinitas Foundation (also in English), with a link there to a page with some entries from the Lexicon recentis Latinitatis published a few years ago by the Vatican. The selection includes:

pastillus tórtilis

práedium rei pecuáriae curandae

máizae grana tosta (pl.)

renovātus fascálium motus

mountain bike
bírota montāna

memóriae amíssio

punkianae catervae ássecla

Most entries at the page are in Italian, with a few in English or German.

Those wanting a more comprehensive list and who don't want to put out some or all of the $168 (plus shipping) that the Vatican Bookstore is asking for the full-length book should visit Florus' English-Latin page for a much briefer but still very useful word list.

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